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GoldenHome Cabinetry -- Finding compromises between tradition and future

Nowadays, with the improvement of people's living and consumption level, and with further improvement of people’s spiritual pursuit, users are no longer satisfied with the basic functions of the kitchens. People now have more diversity appeal for the function of kitchen. Cabinets’ innovation design increasingly gets the attention of GoldenHome. GoldenHome Cabinetry’s goal is all about compromising and making sure each person feels comfortable in their home. GoldenHome got the ideas that the future trend of the kitchen includes the following points:

Pursue a healthy lifestyle
Nowadays, people pay extra attention to health. From the popularity of health monitoring watch to a variety of health smartphone software, we can find out that health has become a very important topic in people's lives. From choosing fresh ingredients when purchasing foods, conserving nutrients and taste during storage, combining nutrients during cooking process, choosing the right way to eat during meal, as well as the healthy entertainment after dinner, we can get the conclusion that the concept of health has permeated every aspect of people's lives. In this process, the role of the kitchen is particularly important. The kitchen is not only a place to cook, but also serves as a storage center, a cleaning center and a nutrition center for family life. It is also serve as a key place to promote emotional communication between family members and friends.

Social entertainment supporter
One kitchen needed to go from a dated builder-grade to an open space made for entertaining and vacationing. Many clients planned to use the house to host family and friends during the summer and on holidays. They wanted a large kitchen where multiple people could cook, and there needed to be space for guests to linger at the island.


GoldenHome Cabinetry – European Style Lacquer Cabinets

The kitchen not only provides us with a normal diet, but also provides us with a place for recreation and communication. As you can see, the proportion of leisure life in the kitchen is increasing. The kitchen is not only the space carrier that completes the cooking function, but also the carrier of social and recreational activities in home. As examples, simple cooking activities, such as making desserts with kids, can help them touch cooking activities from an early age; couples who cook together can enhance their love; a group of good friends cooking together is also a way of entertainment, which seems more meaningful than singing or playing computer games.

Intelligent interaction style new experience
GoldenHome Cabinetry knows that he original kitchen footprint wasted a lot of square footage, and its R&D center has focused on modern kitchen’s intelligent interaction system. Kitchen intelligent interaction is mainly to meet the requirements of more convenient, such as help users reduce the workload, help users able to quickly find the required items, make the placement of small objects more convenient and reasonable, even including the cleanliness of the kitchen furniture. This design generally chooses kitchen furniture as the medium to coordinate interpersonal communication. Family life involves different roles, and the relevant kitchen design should not only consider housewives and the users cooking in the kitchen, but the kitchen intelligent interaction involves the whole family life.

Light and versatile growth
Now the post-80s and post-90s choose to rent an apartment, most of them are often didn't have a whole kitchen, so they need "multi-functional kitchen", maybe it is the size of a table, which can satisfy all the requirements to wash dishes and to cook.


GoldenHome Cabinetry – High Gloss Cabinets

For leading its high-quality standard of kitchen solution, GoldenHome Cabinetry has set up R&D center in Milan, Italy, and owns a national level “kitchen industrial design center” in Xiamen headquarters. GoldenHome will make sure that all its European style frameless cabinets can meet the goal of finding compromise between Practicality and aesthetics.