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Xiamen GoldenHome Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: SH603180) was founded in 1999 in Xiamen, China. We are a professional provider of high-end integrated kitchen cabinets and customized furnishings including Closet systems, Vanity Suites, and Interior Doors. GoldenHome specializes in R&D, manufacturing, sales, installation, and services of integrated kitchen cabinets and customized furnishings. It is the lead company as President of Kitchen Committee of China Furniture & Decoration of Commerce, and the Lead company as President of Kitchen Committee of China National Hardware Association.

GoldenHome has nearly 2,000 high-end franchise stores all over the world. It owns GoldenHome Cabinetry, GoldenHome Closet, GoldenHome Wooden Door, MALIO (kitchen electric appliance). GoldenHome Cabinetry (kitchen cabinets and vanities) is positioned as "Frameless Reinvented – Affordable European style Luxury kitchen cabinetry"; GoldenHome Closet is a high-end professional wardrobe and walk-in closet brand produced by GoldenHome, advocating customized home organization; GoldenHome Wooden Door built with high quality and beautiful aesthetics; MALIO is a high-end brand of kitchen appliances.

Currently, the total size of Xiamen headquarters production facility is more than 200 thousand square meters, with 130 thousand square meters of existing buildings. The total scale of the Siyang, Jiangsu production base is approximately one million square meters. It has now been completed with 300 thousand square meters. The two major manufacturing bases have facilities of nearly 400 thousand square meters. An additional 400 thousand square meters facility are under construction.

In order to ensure the high-end quality, GoldenHome set up R&D center in Milan, Italy, and has a National level "kitchen Industrial Design Center", the highest rank in the industry; The company continuously upgrades its smart core equipment and information systems, has built a large-scale customized Agile manufacturing system, as well as a flexible smart production line; GoldenHome took the lead in introducing data mining and artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the industrial application to achieve smart manufacturing. GoldenHome has passed the National "Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Project", and GoldenHome is certified in the integration of Information and Industrialization enterprise management systems. In addition, GoldenHome has passed "Intelligent Manufacturing Integrated Standardization and New Mode Application Project" by the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

When it comes to the overseas market, Goldenhome has been exporting its own GoldenHome branded products to America, the Middle East (Dubai), Australia and other developed regions. Therefore, thousands of families have been enjoyed a comfortable, luxurious kitchen environment made possible by Goldenhome.