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GoldenHome Cabinetry -- All About Function

Today’s modern household is much busier than ever, so having well-designed and orderly kitchens is essential. Many American families with a dated kitchen and too many dysfunctional areas chose to modernize their space. Many clients instead wanted an updated look with increased functionality. GoldenHome Cabinetry is their best choice. It was discovered by GoldenHome after the investigation that the traditional and extension function of modern kitchens include the following points:
Traditional and Basic function of modern kitchen:
(1) Food storage function: Store various kinds of food, mainly rely on a variety of food storage cabinets and refrigerators.
(2) Cleansing function: All kinds of tableware, fruits and vegetables, washed mainly in the sink area.
(3) Food preparation function: mainly includes pre-cooking process, such as further processed vegetables, meat, pasta, fruit, etc.
(4) Cooking & baking function: In other words, residents can cook food in the kitchen space until it can be eaten, including frying, stir-frying, cooking, braising, and baking.
(5) Storage of various types of pots, bowls, ladles, and other kitchen utensils. Mainly use storage cabinets, disinfection cabinet and so on.
Extension function of modern Cabinetry:
Modern people's demand for quality life is getting higher and higher. However, the kitchen function in traditional houses is too monotonous and cannot meet people's expectations of comfortable life. Therefore, the potential of consumers' greater demand for kitchen functions and the use of kitchen furniture have already appeared, which can be summarized into the following points:
(1) Part of the living function. In addition to the basic functions such as cooking, cleaning, storage, the kitchen can also have a living function such as reading, learning and working. Open-up kitchen spaces are generally chosen by most households in European countries. They combine kitchens, dining rooms and even living rooms into an integral living space. For example, when there is no separate learning space in a house, the function of the kitchen can be expanded to become a learning area, with the function of the study room. Users can put their learning tools or computers on the countertop, so in this way kitchen has become a place to work and study. Especially in families with children, parents can take care of their children while preparing food in the kitchen.



GoldenHome Cabinetry – European Style Cabinets

With professional global sourcing capability, GoldenHome has been seeking for environmentally friendly and high-quality materials around the world. GoldenHome kitchen is the best place for families to combine kitchens, dining rooms and even living rooms into an integral living space.
(2) Dining function. If the dining function is introduced into the kitchen, it will not only make the kitchen more open and bright, but also improve the cooking environment. The kitchen should be equipped with a good dining environment, such as choosing the lighting and tableware that match with each other to create a comfortable and warm dining environment.
(3) Social function. The kitchen is the most abundant area for household activities. Modern family has a small population and the activities of family members are scattered, so people are increasingly eager to promote family stability and harmony through cooperation and communication with family members in some kind of family activities. Especially in families which have children, it's important to have enough and efficient conversations with the children. The kitchen therefore becomes the ideal place where mothers can take care of the children and guide the children to do housework. In the meantime, the kitchen that has a catering function can promote the connection between family members and friends, and even the emotional communication between neighbors. Therefore, the kitchen can also be a social place, a platform that can be used to coordinate interpersonal relationship.


European Style Kitchen with social function

(4) Entertainment, learning and working functions. The kitchen not only can promote the communication between friends and neighbors, but also can bring people together, hold a party, and become a platform for everyone to enjoy and relax. People can play or work together in kitchen. Users can even watch movies, play games with friends and family in the kitchen, or watch the powerpoint with co-workers and discuss it.


GoldenHome Cabinetry – European style frameless cabinets

GoldenHome is one of the biggest kitchen cabinetry group in Asia, who is integrated of R&D, manufacturing and marketing, with modern high-efficiency system and advanced facilities. Having been devoted on deep and long-time industrial experience year-round, Goldenhome has become the most popular morden kitchen solution provider of all category like RTA Frameless cabinets – classic style melamine-lamination cabinets, high gloss PET-lamination cabinets, European style lacquer cabinets and so on. GoldenHome Cabinetry will make sure that all its cabinetry design has excellent functionality.