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GoldenHome Defined "Frameless Reinvented" – Your Affordable Luxury Cabinetry

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The new definition of “Frameless Reinvented”

As one of world’s leading modern wooden furniture manufacturers, GoldenHome incorporates vigorous research and development, outstanding quality, and care in manufacturing beautiful, functional, modern cabinets, vanities, closets - from laminates to lacquers, and many other unique styles and finishes. Today, with more than 1,500 Dealers and Franchise locations across China, Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and the United States and Canada, millions of families worldwide enjoy the style and quality of cabinetry manufactured by high gloss cabinets supplier-GoldenHome. Now, the company are proudly listed on the Shanghai Stock Market, Code 603180, and the company has become one of world’s leading european style cabinets manufactures, bringing Euro Style frameless cabinetry to North American homes.

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The new interpretation of “Affordable Luxury”

The success of GoldenHome can be attributed to the high quality of its products and the global partnerships with its Supply Chain. These strong partnerships allow the company to select environmentally friendly materials and insure premium quality. Rta frameless cabinet vendor-GoldenHome regards the customer’s health and happiness as a top concern, so the company carefully selects environmentally friendly materials to ensure a positive impact on customer’s health. The company selects and controls the materials from the very beginning, which insures the raw materials meet its strict standards and the standards of European E1, KCMA, CARB 2 etc. for all the different countries where GoldenHome does business. All at an affordable price!

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