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GoldenHome: 4 Elements of Reinvented Modern Kitchen Cabinetry

When people mentioning modern kitchen designs, they often think of frameless cabinets, European style, Minimalist Aesthetics, many horizontal lines and a lack of crown modeling. With the increasing of high-raise apartments and popularity of modern room design trend, many customers choose to decorate a modern feeling for their kitchen. For thousands of designers, builders, modern Euro-style cabinetry belongs their top choices. First of all, we have to understand the key elements to define modern kitchen cabinetry.

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Goldenhome Cabinetry Frameless Reinvented -- Elements of modern kitchen cabinetry

1. Flat-panel door style. Compared with traditional American Style cabinets, which have decorated shaker style in cabinet doors, modern cabinetry always focuses on flat-panel door style. This sometimes refers to the signature element of modern kitchen design. You might sometime find a modern kitchen using simple shaker door style, but that often falls into transitional group rather than modern group. Another similar element is that modern cabinetry design emphasis on horizontal lines. Many modern kitchens cabinets share a tendency toward the using of horizontal long straight lines in their design. In the whole kitchen design, the floating panel of the back wall and the cutout accentuate the horizontal theme.


2. Frameless cabinet construction. The traditional American Style framed cabinets consist of a plywood or particle board box held together and reinforced by a hardwood frame attached to the front. Frameless cabinetry, in contrast, is built without the wood face frame. This style is the most often used in modern kitchens because it's sleeker than framed structure, which is often associated with more traditional kitchen and furniture design. The frameless structure can make space for users and its more accessible. Of course, the frameless cabinets look modern.

Goldenhome Cabinetry Frameless Reinvented -- Elements of modern kitchen cabinetry

3. More Functional hardware. In modern kitchens you’ll most often see a lot of functional hardware integrated into the cabinet, which can help users to save time, work conveniently and store more items in limited kitchen space. The functional hardware includes different pull-out tray for corner cabinets or pantry, electronic style lift for wall cabinets or drawer, lighting inserts and so on.

Goldenhome Cabinetry Frameless Reinvented -- Elements of modern kitchen cabinetry

4. Reliance on variety materials. Compared with traditional American style cabinetry, which always using solid wood door like maple, modern cabinetry uses a variety of base materials and finish materials. GoldenHome provide MDF, plywood, particle board for cabinet box, and laminate, melamine, thermofoil PET, lacquer for front door.

Goldenhome Cabinetry Frameless Reinvented -- Elements of modern kitchen cabinetry

Started in 1999, GoldenHome Cabinetry has producing high quality modern kitchen cabinets for millions of families around the world. Positioning as the “Frameless Reinvented”, today GoldenHome has more than 1,500 dealers and franchise locations around the world, such as China, Australia, the Middle East, and North America. More and more families worldwide enjoy different styles and high quality of modern kitchen cabinets manufactured by GoldenHome Cabinetry.

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