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Introduction of Modern Kitchen Layouts

According to the house owner's the living habit and their different requirements of kitchen space size and style, the kitchen layouts furniture can be designed for different patterns of the kitchen. The following are 5 common forms for kitchen design-- single column shape, double column shape, L shape, U shape and island shape. If you have kitchen renovation ideas, here are some guides for you to different kitchen layout designs.

Single column shape

Single column shape also refers to “I Shape Kitchen”. As the name implies, “I Shape” means that all the equipment in the kitchen is only arranged on any side of the entire kitchen space. The advantages of such kitchen layout is that the structure is simple, kitchen workflow planning is simple, and the pipeline is arranged on one side of the kitchen space for easy decoration. The downside is that the kitchen’s workspace is in a straight line, and in contrast to the layout of the other kitchen layout, this shape has the longest round-trip route in the kitchen, which increases the user's fatigue and reduces the efficiency of cooking. Suggestions: this kitchen space layout is suitable for small family apartments that kitchen space is narrow and independent, and the whole kitchen size is around 80 square feet.


Double column shape

Double column shape also refers to “II shape” or “corridor shape”. The layout of the kitchen furniture equipment is arranged according to two facing walls of the kitchen space, with a corridor and a moving space between them. The advantage of this layout is that it can be operated by several people at the same time and can form a very effective “triangle working space”. House owners’ can use the space of kitchen corridor repeatedly, raising space utilization rate. Disadvantages: it is not easy to form centralized pipeline layout, and horizontal pipeline occupies a large space and is difficult to be covered. As for the owner, kitchen working sometime is very difficult to carry on continuously, and often need to undertake 180 degrees turn in the operation. What’s worse, It is quite inconvenient for some users, especially not suitable for disabled people to use. Suggestions: To facilitate the turning operation of the user, the interior space of the layout shall provide at least 6 to 10 feet width for the operator.


L Shape

L Shape is also refer to “triangle shape kitchen. In this kind of layout, all kitchen furniture and equipment are arranged on the adjacent sides of a kitchen corner. The advantage of this design is that the layout order is consistent with the user 's normal operation process in the kitchen, and the corner space can be used efficiently. This kind of layout is more economic than single column type. The use of space is more reasonable, and the operation efficiency is better. Also, the integrity of furniture layout is better, and won't be affected by other parts’ design of the house. At the same time, L-shaped layout is suitable for any size of kitchen, more flexible when compared with other kinds of layout. Suggestions: In order to ensure that the “triangle working area” is within the user's applicable operation scope and will not affect the operation efficiency, the length of the short side shall not be less than 15 feet, and the length of the long side shall not exceed 20 feet.


U shape

U Shape kitchen is the layout of kitchen furniture and equipment relies on three adjacent kitchen walls. The advantage of such layout is that such kitchen can make full use of the space and may have enough storage space. This design can create the most effective “triangle working area”. This layout combines the advantages of II shape and L-shape layout. The disadvantages: this kind of layout is applicable to large independent kitchen with enough space. If it is a small kitchen, this kind of layout will affect the user's using experience and give users a discomfort sense of crowded and narrow. It is recommended that this kitchen space layout be selected only if the kitchen area is large enough.


Island shape

In the middle of island shape kitchen, there is a separate food preparation or cooking station. The advantage of this layout is that it is suitable for many people to prepare food on the island station, and even to eat and to communicate. The disadvantage of island kitchen layout is that it is only suitable for kitchen with large space, at least 180 square feet. The island shape kitchen is especially suitable for single house.


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