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The Future Development Trend of Residential Kitchen

With the development of economic globalization and the more and more close relationship between countries, household residential buildings around the world tend to be industrialized and standardized, and the equipment in the kitchen tends to be generalized and systematized. The residential kitchen may face the following developments in the future.


The refinement and humanization of kitchen design

For different people's habits, the kitchen design should be more rationalized. For instance, young people are very busy with their work, so the utilization rate of the kitchen is getting lower and lower. Also, young people have enthusiasm about delivery foods and fast foods, this trend may affect the design of the kitchen and the equipment layout of the kitchen. Elder people spend more time in the kitchen, so the safety aspects of the kitchen, the operation process of cooking, and the use convenience of kitchen equipment should take into account the elderly people’s physical condition.


Temperature intelligent kitchen

Intelligent kitchen in the home intelligence trend

The intellectualization of future kitchen can solve the problem, and that can make cooking process better. Here are some examples. Intelligent kitchen may automatically sense the temperature of the kitchen and automatically adjust; when forget to turn off the gas or induction cooker, it can be automatically shut down; entertainment may be performed during cooking, and the cooking person can be more cheerful when cooking; it can provide safety and security for people with disabilities.


Focusing environmental protection and energy conservation

Since the beginning of 21st century, the enhancement of people's environmental awareness has provided the following suggestions for the future kitchen design:
(1) During construction and decoration, minimize energy consumption and use environmental materials.
(2) Change the form of kitchen fuel and try to develop and use new clean energy.
(3) The garbage in the kitchen should be sorted and recycled.


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