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The development of the GoldenHome Cabinetry

In July, Goldenhome West Coast Central Warehouse was grand opening in LA. One week later, Goldenhome East Coast Central Warehouse was grand opening in Cranbury, NJ. Guest such as Shahin Mionian—CEO of International Code Council, Mr. Deng Long--Chinese community leader have participated the two ceremonies. During the grand opening of west center, Mr. Mionian—CEO of International Code Council issued KCMA Certification to Mr. Pan—CEO of Xiamen Goldenhome.

The North American market is a major international market of Goldenhome which are produce the european style cabinets or high gloss cabinets, it has particularly focused in recent years. America is now a crucial country for the global strategic layout of Goldenhome. With the company’s high strategic attention, it introduces the specialized products rapidly, builds up the localized team fast, and improves the business model continuously in line with North America’s long-term development. Today, the grand opening of central warehouse further represents that Goldenhome has taken a strong first step to seek the professional cooperation and strategic win-win in North America. In the meantime, the establishment of central warehouses will quickly expand business from Los Angeles, New York to other parts of America, such as Philadelphia, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, Hoston, Chicago. For right now, the 60,000 sf central warehouse functions as Goldenhome’s largest center of whole product inventory center, resource sharing center, branding center in US, hense delivering the premium service to every household in America.