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GoldenHome Way - The Culture of Endeavour and Core Value Proposition

High gloss cabinets manufacturer - GoldenHome as a respectable enterprise insists their core value proposition to serve customers. Today,let you further understanding GolenHome culture of endeavour.


Quotation of founders:

Be respectable entrepreneurs and build up GoldenHome as a respectable enterprise.


Enterprise missions:

Customize high-quality home furnishings for more families so that everyone can enjoy the happiness of going back home


Enterprise vision:

Positioning GoldenHome Cabinetry as the leading brand of high-end kitchen cabinetry; positioning GoldenHome Closet as one of the top brands of customized furnishing; leading the development of customized home furnishing industry and building an international top smart home furnishing group; growing together with the employees and partners.


Core value proposition:

Customer Priority / Quality First / Innovation Learning / Winning through Striving



GoldenHome Endeavour


Definition of Endeavour:

A group of people shares the common values, ideal and mission, having a strong will to work hard together for a long time and the courage to criticize others and themselves, and keep learning steadily to push the company to a new level for keeping ahead constantly.


Purpose of Endeavour:

Happiness comes from striving. We can make our family members and ourselves happy, realize our dreams and self-value only by making arduous efforts. We should strive happily since only the endeavor life can be called a happy life.


Method of Endeavour:

We should be immersed in our jobs, give full play to our abilities and advantages, have the courage to take responsibilities, suit the action to the word, and continue to create value and make contributions. In addition, we should be good at integrating into organizations and teams, cooperating with each other and working together with the principle of whole interest priority.


Result of Endeavour:

We should strive to achieve the organizational and personal value. The enterprise arouses employees' lasting enthusiasm, vitality and motivation by building the mechanism and platform for sharing responsibilities and benefits. It advocates creating a win-win situation with strivers who have the will, ability, performance and contribution so that such strivers can share the dividends of the enterprise development.


GoldenHome Core Value Proposition


Customer Priority


“Customer-oriented & Customer-priority” principle is vital important to GoldenHome. The interests of customers are our own interests. We must always put our customer's first priority. All our work behavior is to make our customers experience our principle of customer priority. We should also insist on that the customer's business is very important for us.


Users, partners, franchisees, agents and suppliers are all our customers. While In the internal process, the previous process is the customer of the next process. 【scope definition】

Our service must exceed the expectations of our customers so that we can touch our customers and create good customer experience. It is our tradition to be honest and creative in offering services. 【service】

It is our orientation and pursuing to fulfill our commitment to our customers by doing all things well and achieving perfect delivery through right approach at promised time. 【perfect delivery】




Quality First


Quality is the cornerstone of the survival and development of GoldenHome and it is also the core value that GoldenHome must be passed on for its continued success. All business management activities of the company are meaningless without quality. Quality is the starting point for value and dignity.


The pursuit of quality reflects the honest and trustworthy character of the GoldenHome. We have been trusted by our consumers, customers, partners and society. 【integrity】

Carrying forward the “workmanship spirit”, we have been concentrating on each process and products and make them perfect. Besides, we also have a strict control of every aspect of the upstream and downstream industry chain with high standards. Excellence is our consistent requirement. 【excellence】

Professionalism is the foundation for us to continue to create high quality products. Continuous improvement of professional and technical level is the basic requirement for everyone. 【professional】

All aspects of the enterprise value chain should aim at delivering high-quality results on time without manufacturing and delivering defects, during which effective coordination is very important. 【 synergy 】

Quality first shall run through all aspects of the enterprise value chain and each position, such as R&D, material selection, design, produce, sales, service, administrate and customer experience. 【 scope 】



Innovation Learning


Learning is never too late, we should always maintain good learning attitude. Only by keep learning can we keep up with the Times. Learning is the foundation of innovation. Only through continuous innovation can we stay invincible. 


Development and growth can be achieved by realizing our disadvantages. We can become better through self-examination. Being self-critical, we should be active in keeping learning and making more progress every day to build the roots of individual, team, enterprise's vitality and competitiveness. 【learning method】

Sticking in the mud and following beaten track means collapse. Creative thinking determines the way out. Innovation is the best way to break through the old mindset and we should make innovation our work habit. 【creative thinking】

Innovation is at hand. On the basis of effective inheritance, we can keep making progress in every aspect by realistically examining all kinds of challenges and opportunities in our work. 【innovative model】

We will continue to promote the construction of innovation capacity, mechanism and atmosphere. We encourage unsuccessful attempt, have a high tolerance for failure and motivate success. 【innovation mechanism】




Winning Through Striving


Inheriting the spirit of the Southern Fujian merchants and the growth gene of GoldenHome, we always maintain the spirit of entrepreneurship and Endeavour. With good thinking and positive action, we keep surpassing ourselves and promote the continued growth of the company to build a century-old brand and become a century-old enterprise.


Keeping passion and vitality, we are not afraid of difficulties and challenges. We fulfill our duties and are brave in taking responsibility. Refusing all excuses, we never shirk, hand over and transfer our responsibilities. 【willing to strive】

Dedicated and diligent, we take the initiative to improve the professional ability and quality for our job. We keep creating advantages, exerting advantages and continuing to create high performance. 【know how to strive】

We should be prepared for danger in times of peace, always maintain crisis awareness. abandon self-satisfaction and constantly set higher and more challenging goals to win one victory one after another. 【pursue winning bravely】

Guided by goals and results, we master the right methods and do the right things with it. We will never give up until we have achieved goals. 【know how to win】