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Interview of Mr.Pan Xiaozhen, CEO of GoldenHome

Q:What is GoldenHome and what do they do?
A: Positioning as “a professional high-end kitchen provider”, Since its founding in 1999, GoldenHome has been focusing on the kitchen cabinet industry and leading the standard of professional kitchen industry in China for nearly two decades. With its 9 key professional advantages, GoldenHome manages to become “the favorite kitchen brand of top 500 domestic real estate companies” for 5 consecutive years.
Q:Where are GoldenHome’s products created?
A: GoldenHome manufactures over 7,000 cabinets daily in their 200,000 square meters manufacturing site in Xiamen and its new 800,000 square meters site in Jiangsu, with nearly 300,000 square meters plant and facilities.
Q:Where does GoldenHome operate?
A: Focusing on European Style frameless cabinets, GoldenHome has nearly 1,200 high-end franchised stores all over the world. As for overseas markets, Goldenhome’s products have been widely exported to America, the Middle East (Dubai), Australia, and more. Thousands of families around the world are enjoying amazing kitchens crafted by GoldenHome.
Q:What are GoldenHome’s advantages in cabinetry industry?
A:For leading its high-quality standard of kitchen solution, GoldenHome has set up R&D center in Milan, Italy, and owns a national level “kitchen industrial design center” in Xiamen headquarters. With professional global sourcing capability, GoldenHome has also been seeking for environmentally friendly and high-quality materials around the world. Since 2003, fully-automatic German HOMAG equipment and system have been fully introduced for precision manufacturing.
Q:What does GoldenHome promise?
A: Since going public on the Chinese stock market in 2017, GoldenHome has guaranteed its sustainable and solid business development. The healthy financial situation strongly drives GoldenHome in continuous production capacity expansion, manufacturing capability optimization, quality and service level improvement. GoldenHome has embarked on its new journey of globalized kitchen branding.
Q:What can one expect from GoldenHome’s products?
A: Currently, GoldenHome owns more than 100 patents for its cabinets design, finish and structure. Specialized in European style frameless cabinets, GoldenHome is known for the supreme quality and wide selection of its lacquer series. With special metallic lacquer paint and proprietary manufacturing methods, each GoldenHome’s lacquer door is passed through a 22-step process to achieve a perfect visual and functional combination. GolendHome lacquer door is highly scratch resistant, and strongly durable from daily exposure to water, oil and temperature. GoldenHome also excels at melamine, UV, lamination and thermal-foil products.
Q:What are the unique features of frameless cabinetry?
A:GoldenHome is focused on the “Frameless Reinvented” aspect in US market. Frameless cabinets do not have a face frame attached to the front of the box, compared with the traditional US solid-wood cabinets. After being installed, frameless cabinets always appear a perfect combination of nice flat surface and consisted straight lines. These simple aesthetics matches many design themes of modern kitchen. Frameless kitchen cabinets also allow potentially more storage space for the user, by applying more optional functional hardware and accessories. Last but not least, frameless cabinets could easily meet the current varied demands of the current popular modern lifestyle, because of its achievable, diversified sense of design.
Q:What is GoldenHome’s business strategy in North America?
A:North American is a major international market GoldenHome has particularly been focused on the past four years, which is a key portion of GoldenHome’s globalization strategy. With high strategic attention, GoldenHome developed and introduced a full range of specialized US standard products, established a professional localized GoldenHome team and service resources, and kept utilizing the business model continuously in line with North America’s commercial environment up-to-time for long-term business development.
Q:What has GoldenHome’s done in North America?
A: In July 2017, GoldenHome West Coast Distribution Center and East Coast Distribution Center were both grand opening in CA and NJ respectively. Meanwhile, Shahin Mionian, CEO of International Code Council honored the KCMA certification for GoldenHome during the grand opening. GoldenHome has taken a solid first step towards their globalization strategy in the US market. GoldenHome has quickly expanded its business from Los Angeles, New York to other parts of America. Currently GoldenHome has individual RTA inventory warehouses in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, Houston, Atlanta and Chicago. GoldenHome’s two Distribution Centers are functioning as the full range product inventory centers, resource sharing centers, branding centers in US, hence delivering the premium service to every GoldenHome cabinet user in America.
Q:What is GoldenHome currently looking for in US?
A:Currently, GoldenHome is seeking long-term strategic cooperation opportunity in RTA frameless cabinet wholesales and large-scaled projects. GoldenHome has strong interests, in the near future, to invest more targeted resources in professional global modern kitchen solution & services integration and profitable business solutions to providing for all GoldenHome partners in North America.

GoldenHome welcomes you to join us. Let us work together to spread the joy and quality of GoldenHome’s cabinetry to families across the US.