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Interview of Mr.Pan -- GoldenHome Cabinetry CEO

What is your opinion about the current "made in China 2025" strategy?
Mr.Pan:  At present, there are eight public enterprises in Chinese kitchen cabinetry industry. They all have their own characteristics and expertise in intelligent manufacturing and have formed different information systems. However, there is no particularly advantages for each enterprise in online marketing or intelligent manufacturing. Competition in brand building and service improvement is the final direction.

What is the relationship between real estate industry and cabinetry industry?
Mr.Pan:  When the real estate industry developing well, developers need more reasons for a price increasing. At that time, the high-end projects tend to choose imported brand cabinets. It does not matter how much money they spend, just using the concept of "importing products". In the past two decades, Chinese real estate industry has been circulating in the circle of short-term dropping caused by macroeconomic regulation and long-term market growth. When the situation is not good, developers will calm down and think about how to create real value for customers, how to provide the best cost-effective products, how to control project costs. At this time, there will be opportunity for domestic brands with high quality, high added value and high cost performance.

What do you think about the development prospect of the cabinetry industry?
Mr.Pan:  After 20 years of development, China's cabinetry industry has begun to be mature. In the future, the brand concentration in this industry will be higher and higher, and several major companies may occupy a large percentage of market share. Large enterprises as well as small companies will have a good situation to develop, while medium sized companies are more difficult to survive.

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