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Rta Frameless Cabinet Supplier-GoldenHome Now Open For Business In Canada

On October 13th 2018, rta frameless cabinet supplier-GoldenHome celebrated the Grand Opening of its new distribution center and trade showroom in Toronto, Canada! This marks our first GoldenHome distribution center and showroom in Canada, and the seventh distribution center in North America. Mr. Jianhuai Wen—President of Xiamen GoldenHome Co Ltd. and many other distinguished guests from the government, the chamber of commerce, and GoldenHome International participated in the ceremony.

goldenhome grand opening


The new GoldenHome Canada distribution center is located in Aurora, ON, which is part of the Greater Toronto Trading Area, and is located within a half hour drive from Toronto Pearson International Airport and Downtown Toronto. The new distribution center will serve the entire eastern half of Canada. This distribution center has total area of 37,000 square feet, with an 1800 hundred square foot beautifully decorated showroom. Within the beautifully decorated showroom, you can find GoldenHome’s entire product line, including cabinetry, vanities, closets, and countertops.

goldenhome cabinetry opening


During the grand opening of GoldenHome Toronto, President Wen introduced the GoldenHome company history and development process, and planned business expansion across GoldenHome’s North American market, as well as other overseas markets. His Keynote speech also clearly defined the GoldenHome North American strategy for the following 2019. This includes the First GoldenHome corporate owned service center—located in Central New Jersey, USA, which will be constructed and set up by the end of this year, and be fully operational in January 2019. A second company owned service center supporting the West Coast and Western Canada is also in progress. The company’s board of director is also evaluating the possibility of setting a company owned manufacturing factory in the United States, potentially in North Carolina, USA.

people in goldenhome opening


Recently, high gloss cabinets manufacturer-GoldenHome has increased its focus and activities in the North American Market. Both the United States and Canada are critical components of the foundation for the global strategic platform of GoldenHome. Today, the grand opening of our GoldenHome Toronto Distribution Center further represents that GoldenHome has taken a strong step towards North American expansion which now includes both USA and Canada. The 37,000 sf distribution center and Trade Showroom now also functions as GoldenHome’s sales center, training center, and service center in Eastern Canada, and GoldenHome has increased its ability to deliver on its goal of premium service to thousands of families in Canada.

new distribution center

European style cabinets factory-GoldenHome has also just opened its new Distribution center in Houston, Texas, USA, so watch for our next exciting announcement!