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GoldenHome Cabinetry Jiangsu Plant Start-up Production Ceremony

On Mar. 18, 2016, Goldenhome holds a grand start-up production ceremony in Jiangsu Siyang. Head of Siyang county government, Goldenhome chairman Mr. Wen Jianhuai, CEO Mr.Pan Xiaozhen and other leaders attend the ceremony together to witness the important moment of Goldenhome’s industry scale upgrading and celebrate Goldenhome’s 17th birthday.

Goldenhome Jiangsu Plant Start-up Production Ceremony 02

Goldenhome Jiangsu Siyang Plant has a total area of more than 600,000 square meters, which takes 2 years to finish the whole construction. Until now, the first phase of workshop project covering 200,000 square meters has already begun its production successfully with productivity of 300,000 sets per year and perfect supporting facility. Including plant in Xiamen of nearly 200,000 square meters, Goldnehome cover areas of over 830,000 square meters, making us one of the world's largest kitchen cabinet manufacturing plants.

Focus on kitchen cabinets for 17 years, Goldenhome create various high-performance products and build its household brand. These two years, Goldenhome continuously reviews its development strategy to position itself as a “High-end Kitchen Cabinets” brand and make a corporate strategy of “only focus on kitchen cabinets and make the best cabinets”, which coincide with President Li’s “craftsman’s spirit” reported in two session. One more thing, Goldenhome’s industry information management system also echoes President Li’s view of “flexible production technology”.

Not only has the large production scale, Goldenhome also perfected its supporting service system by making periodic service system for our customers. CEO Mr. Pan says, “The main purpose of Goldenhome Jiangsu plant’s operation is to enlarge its service area in China and perfect the service system in the whole nation”.

Nowadays, Goldenhome are increasing its steps in international market by selling our products to America, Australia, Dubai, Egypt, India, and Malaysia and so on. Siyang plant’s great capacities meet not only Chinese market, but also international market’s great demand, making Goldenhome cabinets come into more families all over the world.