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Goldenhome Cabinetry – The True, The Good, The Beautiful

What is “the true”, “the good” and “the beautiful”? Philosophically speaking, “the true” is realized when the subjective matches with the objective; “the good” represents a set of values and “the beautiful” is the fruit of a perfect combination of the true and the good.

“The True”
“The true” is the fundamental principle in the GoldenHome Cabinetry’s user-oriented design philosophy. GoldenHome’s kitchen designers are required to be insightful, real and sincere with a passionate love for life and kitchen. They shall live with their hearts and put themselves in users' shoes. “The True” is also a part of GoldenHome Cabinets -- Real demand, real material, real quality. Product design is not just about the attractive outlook, but more importantly, it is about using quality materials to meet users' demands and make their life more comfortable and convenient. GoldenHome Cabinetry has done the research work with Tsinghua University, using photos, questionnaire interviews and 3D capture to find out the "true" kitchen needs of users.

“The Good”
“The good” also lies in the heart of GoldenHome design philosophy. While endowing products with emotional values, designers are also required to have a strong sense of responsibility so that their works are not only humanistic, but also environmentally friendly and offering extraordinary user experience. For instance, when it comes to the kitchens, smoke collection technology that helps clear air in the kitchen is of great humanistic values. GoldenHome european style cabinets suppliers also designed a variable height elevating countertop for groups from different height.

“The Beautiful”
“The beautiful” is about the shape of the design, the outlook and the function demonstration. GoldenHome kitchen designers must keep true to the actual needs of the users, have a good thought on possible solutions and design cabianets with beautiful outlooks that make cooking more enjoyable.


GoldenHome Cabinetry – european style cabinets

The true is the premise of the good and the beautiful. On basis of the true, designers are enabled to create both good and beautiful experience for users. Then the true is mixed with the good and produces the beautiful in certain forms. Bringing more comfortable kitchen life for users is the basic starting point of kitchen design. “True, good, beautiful” is the highest evaluation standard of kitchen design. This represents the basic principle and the highest pursuit for each and every GoldenHome designer.