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GoldenHome Cabinetry is leading Chinese “Intelligent Manufacturing”

1,Implementation of customized production mode
In order to implement the "Guidance of the General Office of the State Council on the Promotion of the Consumer Goods Industry to Increase Varieties, Improve Quality, Create a Brand—'Three-quality’ Special Action, to Create a Good Market Environment" and the essence of the national industrial and information symposium, it is necessary to promote personalized custom production modes and enhance the quality of the consumer goods industry. As the national intelligent manufacturing pilot model enterprise, the intelligent manufacturing enterprise covering comprehensive standardization and new mode application, GoldenHome Cabinetry takes lead in China's intelligent manufacturing, and hosted the personalized customization meeting of consumer goods industry in Xiamen on July 13th.
A total of 97 representatives from the Consumer Products Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the China Light Industry Information Center, and some Consumer Goods Industry Personalized Customization Enterprises attended the conference. GoldenHome Cabinetry is an intelligent manufacturing enterprise certified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. As a benchmark for individualized consumer products, it shares the leading intelligent solutions and promotes the home industry chain.

GoldenHome Cabinetry is leading Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing


2, Establishment of intelligent plant
At the conference, Mr.Zhang Jiubing, Information Director of GoldenHome Cabinetry, reckoned that there’re four major problems in the customized household industry: Difficulty in attracting customers, Difficulty in service, Difficulty in exhibition and Difficulty in manufacturing. Many companies are confronted with new challenges, and enterprises have to transform to be intelligent. The company has worked out a set of “GoldenHome GIS- industrialized flexible customized intelligent solutions” after years of exploration in the intelligent field. The system supports the customer-centered business model of GoldenHome Cabinetry, and users can customize the product and smart kitchen scene on mobile terminals anytime, anywhere.
For GoldenHome, every department and every process has been linked by the system, such as accurate advertising, customer management and cabinetry design to the back-end supply chain management and after-sale service.

GoldenHome Cabinetry is leading Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing


3, The era of artificial intelligence has arrived, Big data is the “fuel” of intelligent manufacturing
The trend of artificial intelligence has swept through the world in recent years. In the furniture manufacture industry, GoldenHome is one of the leading enterprises to start informatization. GoldenHome Cabinetry will take big data analyze as the core driving force of intelligent manufacturing to build the company’s informatization platform.
By refining the users’ data through big data algorithms, the company could get effective information, to track customer behavior more effectively. It not only provided accurate and professional solutions for customers, but also improved the level of intelligent manufacturing and effective marketing, injected new energy for furniture industry.

GoldenHome Cabinetry is leading Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing


4, Intelligent personalized customization to provide customers with high-quality service
Using big data system, GoldenHome can constantly collect floor plans and excellent cases by nationwide designers, so as to create a kitchen floor plan data base and a case library. According to the users’ individualized requirements, a customized kitchen cabinet design panorama can be generated with one click through artificial intelligence calculation, which is equipped with the panoramic VR experience to enable the customer to experience the design in person.
The company also set up customer service hotline to implement real-time control of each segment in the customer service process.

GoldenHome Cabinetry is leading Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing


5, Intelligent production system builds “gold medal” intelligent manufacturing
GoldenHome cabinetry is the first enterprise in the industry to introduce data mining and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to realize intelligent manufacturing. This technology increased production efficiency by 34%, and shortened product development cycle by 67%, which improved the economic efficiency of enterprises and reduced the product cost.
As the leading brand in the kitchen cabinetry, GoldenHome Cabinetry aims to become a more professional high-end kitchen cabinet brand, which promotes the intelligent development of the kitchen cabinetry based on intelligent flexible production systems, richer sharing platforms and precise drainage capabilities. In the future, GoldenHome will continually take artificial intelligence as the strategic target and upgrade its products quality and service quality.

GoldenHome Cabinetry is leading Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing

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