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GoldenHome Cabinetry ---- “Frameless Reinvented”

GoldenHome Cabinetry is Introducing European Modern Styling to the American Markets at Affordable Prices.  Better Quality Cabinets at Better Prices - Affordable Euro-style functionality and Luxury!
GoldenHome is one of the biggest modern kitchen cabinetry group in Asia, who is integrated of R&D, manufacturing and marketing, with modern high-efficiency system and advanced facilities. Having been devoted on deep and long-time industrial experience year-round, Goldenhome high gloss cabinets supplier has become the most popular morden kitchen solution provider of all category like melamine-lamination, PET-lamination, lacquer and so on.
From the all-net franchising marketing perspective, there are more than 1,200 high-level GoldenHome exclusive stores all over the world. Besides, GoldenHome also has a large-scaled professional project channel sales network with fully strong service system. Since founded in 1999, GoldenHome has been keeping a solid continuous progressive growth every year. The total sales revenue of 2016 for Chinese domestic market is over 200 M USD. GoldenHome manufactures and delivers over 7,000 cabinets per day in China.
And during the past two years, GoldenHome high gloss cabinets supplier has been focus targeting for North American frame-less cabinetry market by developing a proper category especially for US standard with KCMA certifcate. Meantime, to make quick reaction to satisfy the instant demands, GoldenHome has set up a good relationship with some local strong strategic partners, especially in project handling and service offering. And we also have established two large center warehouses with our partners both in western and eastern coast of US for a long-term warranty purpose.
What does "Frameless Reinvented" mean in GoldenHome’s slogan?   It includes the following components:
           1. European Styling / Modern / Fashion
                      a. American Standards (Sizing / Dimensions)
                      b. Built with Plywood for Strength and Durability
                      c. European Style Accessories
           2. Two modes of Cabinetry
                      a. In-stock
                      b. Customization Available (Semi-Custom)
           3. Better Quality / Better Price / Better Value (Affordable Luxury)
           4. Better Functionality / Improved Lifestyle
           5. Manufactured to Support Multiple Business Segments
                      a. Inventory - In-stock (RTA)
                      b. Projects - larger scale
                      c. Retail / Kitchen at a Time (KAAT)