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GoldenHome Cabinetry Designer Club Is Officially Launched

In the middle of June, “Ascending Dimension | DESIGN POWER” – GoldenHome 2018 New products release event was held in Beijing. During the event, GoldenHome Designer Club was officially launched.


Mr. Pan Xiaozhen – the CEO of GoldenHome Cabinetry said, “In recent years, Goldenhome has collaborated with well-known scholars in various fields to conduct in-depth research on the kitchen design field. In this June, the company launched the Designer Club, which provided a faster and smoother communication platform for numerous designers.”

GoldenHome Cabinetry Designer Club



GoldenHome Cabinetry and designers jointly created the first interactive platform for designers in the cabinetry industry! “The power of individuals is not strong. Only by bringing the elites and masters in the design industry together can we keep creating new ideas and thoughts, and give full play to the power of design.”


GoldenHome Cabinetry Designer Club Launch

GoldenHome Cabinetry Designer Club’s opening ceremony was held at Beijing 798 Designer’s park. The theme of this event is “DESIGN POWER”. Japanese famous architect – Mr. Aoyama, furniture decoration industry chamber of commerce executive chairman – Mr. Zhan Chuanxi, Sina Furniture editor-in-chief – Mrs. Dai Pei, GoldenHome Cabinetry CEO – Mr. Pan Xiaozhen, and other 400 designers participated the ceremony.


With the rapid development of China's kitchen and bathroom industry, the customization of cabinetry and closet has become the general trend, and the development of the whole house customization has become a new topic for the entire industry and various companies. The markets and consumers are not only satisfied with traditional aesthetics any more. They are pursuing distinctive design concepts and works for their kitchen cabinets. With the advent of the Internet Plus+, smart technologies have been introduced and widely used in modern kitchen cabinet design. Thus, the spatial interaction and integration are inseparable from the key group - designers.


GoldenHome cooperative partners

 GoldenHome Cabinetry always regards designers as important cooperative partners.


As the saying goes, “it is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books”. The club can provide such an opportunity for the designers to communicate with designers all over the world. They are able to learn and understand the cutting-edge trend of design, keep up with the world design current and integrate Chinese design with the world.




Also, the establishment of the club will provide each professional designer with the convenience of sharing resources, mutual assistance and mutual benefit, as well as increasing the communication opportunities for designers in different cities. Goldenhome aims to help designers connect with more outstanding designers and access more excellent design works, thus to explore the aesthetics of design. This is very beneficial to the improvement of personal design quality and career development of designers. This is also the original intention of the company to establish the platform, which can open up a communication platform for more designers, so that they are able to gain more opportunities to create mutual benefit and win-win results.


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