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GoldenHome Cabinetry Anaheim Flagship Store Grand Opening

Grand opening party of Anaheim flagship is hold on January 23, 2016, inviting various partners, including representatives of Silestone, Blum and so on, to come and deliver professional speeches. Located at 1380S. State College Blvd, Anaheim, California, a famous building materials street, Anaheim flagship store attracted lots of people on that day by not only its high quality and good-looking products but also series of activities.

Anaheim Flagship Store Grand Opening Party 02

At the begining of the party, the founder of Goldenhome Mr. Pan addressed a speech, introducing the history and development of Goldenhome, he also stated clearly what is the development strategy for Goldenhome a Chinese outstanding brand in American. Besides, Mr. Zhang, an eligible designer, briefly introduced the features and advantages of Goldenhome, improving people’s knowledge of Goldenhome and frameless cabinets. The professionals from Silestone and Bulm also deliver attracting speeches. A very successful opening party is a good beginning, we believe Anaheim flagship store is not just the first store in the US and in the not long future, Goldenhome will have more and more stores in America.